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DevRel @ Soulbound Labs (2021-2022) - Twitter - YouTube - Podcast - GitHub Repo
Web3 Reputation and Subgraph Development Suite Alpha preview content Alpha preview content
Onboarded devs into the Soulbound Studio suite. Responsible for dev success through tutorial creation, subgraph building, managing meetings, and interfacing with other teams. Podcast host. Managed the twitter, discord, and telegram. Built and interfaced with subgraphs using assemblyscript + GraphQL.
OnlyDev @ CrossFit Warmup Generator (2020) - GitHub Repo
CrossFit Warmup Generator
Created a mobile-first web app. Used my Doctorate in Physical Therapy with Python + Flask + JavaScript + HTML + CSS + Bootstrap to create quick biomechanically considerate warmup solutions for barbell geeks

Currently Building

Sybil Attack Analytics - Subgraph Queryed - Vue Coursework - HTML/CSS/JavaScript Coursework
Public goods are good!
Using a subgraph to index + query GitCoin Grants data to then assess for Sybil attack patterns, then display the data through Vue.

About Me

Husband - Musician - Baker - Former D1 Athlete - Former USA Mens Youth Soccer Goalkeeper
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